The atmosphere at Rulo is focussed but relaxed. We work to a soundtrack of songs cherry-picked to help us create the right vibe so that when a client walks into our salon they find that time seems to slow down.

Appointment last one hour, and during this time we dedicate our attention exclusively to the client. We place a good deal of importance in the dialogue between ourselves and each individual who comes to us, as we find this to be the best way of building the bond of empathy and trust that’s vital to ensuring a successful haircut and mutual satisfaction.

We enjoy exploring and interpreting the latest trends, but our priority is to deliver a low-maintenance cut that our client will love as much as we do. And we always make sure to provide all clients with practical tips for day-to-day care of their new haircut.

Only organic shampoos are used at Rulo, and we always seek to employ products that are as respectful to the environment as they are to your hair.