Before carrying out a changing colour we believe it’s a good idea for the client to have a prior consultation with one of our stylists. This ensures that the stylist is acquainted with the potentials and limitations of the individual’s hair.  We strive to find the ideal colour tone to match the unique features of each person,  while always bearing in mind the importance of the final image that the client will convey. 

We work with an ammonia-free colouring system that not only colours, but provides maximum care for your hair.

At Rulo we prefer to work with hair in its natural state so we can be sure that our clients see realistic results. For this reason, the prices of our cuts and colourings already include the cost of drying.

However, we appreciate that some clients don’t like the natural texture of their hair and require a more polished result. Achieving this demands extra time and energy so we will add an extra 15 euros to the fixed price.

There are times when we find ourselves faced with a particularly difficult task – for example when a client comes to us with hair that has been severely damaged by overdyeing. Such cases necessitate a greater amount of time and energy than usual, and a degree of creativity that comes close to magic. Dealing with these “hair disasters” calls for a slightly higher price. The exact amount will depend on each case and should be consulted in advance.